Solid Carbide Rods

We use 100% virgin tungsten carbide material to reach the requirements of good wear resistance and high impact resistance.

Recommended Grade:

Grades Binder % Hardness T.R.S Density Grain Size ISO Code
HRA HV10 N/mm2 g/cm3
MH10F 10 91.8 1600 3800 14.45 Submicro K30
An excellent general purpose grade to cover most of the cuttingapplications for materials of ISO P, M, K, N.Suitable for drilling, milling and reaming.
UH12 12 92.2 1660 4000 14.15 Ultrafine K40
Gives high impact strength while maintaining excellent wear resistance.A universal grade for cutting Stainless Steel,Titanium Alloys, Nickel base alloy and other difficult to machine materials.Suitable for milling, drilling.
MH7 6 93.1 1840 2800 14.85 Submicron K10
A harder grade for machining aluminum alloys, graphite, composite materials.Suitable for milling, reaming and diamond coating.
MH9 9 92.1 1640 3800 14.5 Submicron K20-K30
Achieved ideal balance between wear and impact resistance.
Specific suitable for semi-finish and rough machining of Stainless steel, Titanium Alloy, Nickel base alloy like lnconel etc.Suitable for milling, drilling.
UH8 8 93.2 1860 3300 14.6 Ultrafine K20
Ultrafine grain size offers excellent sharpness for machining hardened materials up to 60 HRC, and extremely high performance machining of non- ferrous metals like Aluminum.
Suitable for finish and semi-finish milling, gear hobbing.
CH03D 3 93.2 1860 1800 15.25 Fine K05
Best choice for Diamond Coated Tools. Strongest adhesion and extended tool wear life. Suitable for high performance milling and Drilling of Composites, CFRP,Graphite.
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